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Drywall Knockdown Texture Sprayer Tube For Professionals Results

Whether you are matching a knockdown patch or spraying small rooms the SPRAYNOZ Drywall Texture Sprayer Tube is for you! If you have ever tried to spray or match knockdown texture then you know it can be very difficult. Even using a commercial spray rig you are trying to match another tool's spray job. A perfect match is next to impossible even for the seasoned professional. There are no other knockdown patch sprayer tools on the market quite like the SPRAYNOZ drywall texture sprayer. With properly mixed drywall mud and an air source appropriate to the size of the job; our texture tube creates professional results every time.

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Drywall knockdown texture sprayer for professional results.

We completely revolutionized matching knockdown patches for anyone. The difference between our product compared to using a hopper to spray knockdown is that the SPRAYNOZ Sprayer tube will create the texture outside of the texture sprayer like a professional spray rig. No need for expensive equipment or labor.

Our traditional texture sprayer tubes are made with quality parts designed to handle day-to-day abuse and continue to perform flawlessly. With some practice, you should be able to match any knockdown texture on ceiling/walls with professional results. 

This cannot be done with a hopper!


This product is built by hand with top-quality components.  Features include:

  • 1 1/2 inch PVC and Polycarbonate tube body

  • PVC molded components - spray head, handle, piston, tips

  • 1/2' Stainless Steel Push Rod

  • 3/8' Stainless Steel Fluid Nozzle

  • Brass air stop and hose and male connector



Mix material to be sprayed to desired thickness (usually to a pancake batter consistency or thinner). The section below provides details for tip selection based on desired texture types. The finished texture results are based on air pressure, rate of handle depression, and nozzle adjustment. Some practice will be necessary for professional results and spraying samples is suggested. (Note: Spraying Samples will help with getting the perfect match.)

Texture Sprayer Nozzle Setup:

  • Select the tip: Knockdown, Splatter/Lite Knockdown, or Orange Peel

Figure 1: Tip Descriptions

  • Relocate the O-ring on the Fluid Nozzle based on tip selection

Figure 2: Fluid Nozzle Positions

  • Ensure the Set Screw is loose and insert the Fluid Nozzle into the SPRAYNOZ Main Body. Once the Fluid Nozzle is firmly seated tighten Set Screw (Snug Only Do Not Over Tighten) and then install the Knockdown Tip.

Figure 3: Main Body Set-up

SprayNoz Texture Sprayer - Spraynoz Tips
SprayNoz Texture Sprayer - Fluid Nozzle Positions
SprayNoz Texture Sprayer - Main Body Set-up

Operating Instructions

To Fill:

  • Remove Spray Nozzle (unscrew)

  • Insert tube end into the material to be sprayed

  • Pull back on the handle to suck up the material to the fill line

  • Clean end of the tube with a sponge

  • Screw the spray nozzle back on the tube

  • Plug in the air hose

  • Adjust air pressure to 25—45 lbs depending on the texture

  • Depress handle to start spraying


Note: Air Pressure – the rate of handle depression – Nozzle adjustment will affect final texture result. Some practice will be necessary for professional results.

Knockdown Texture Sprayer Gun Instructions Diagram
Click the image below to open the User Manual PDF.
Spraynoz Texture Sprayer - User Manual
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